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Embodied EROS: 4 week Series on Embodiement

5. November @ 16:00 - 18:00

⋐ Embodied EROS ⋑

Are you ready to tap into the most powerful force within you?

Are you ready to:

Say YES to your pleasure
Learn how to embody the most powerful #lifeforce that runs within you?

If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Join Sprout Love, Live to the Fullest and Amanda Biccum as they take you are a ride into the deepest layers of yourself- where sensuality meets sexuality and magick is unavoidable.

In a life where so often s€x and s€xuality is shamed and misused, it can be easy to not fully understand how to harness the most powerful and primal energy within us.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how the Masculine and Feminine energies dance within each of us in order to create a polarity so powerful it brings life into this world.

How do we learn how to listen deeper to our bodies when they say “yes” or “no”

How do we learn to listen more deeply to feel when others are a “yes” or “no”

How can we stand fully in our animal body and own our pleasure without feeling guilt or shame or NEEDING anything to happen with our desires?

You’ll receive the embodied experience throughout this 4 part series.

If you’re ready to unleash the most powerful energy within you and understand how that can not only make your s€x life better, but every other aspect of your life as well…

Then this is a ride you won’t want to miss.

Join us as we dive into the unknown and let the magick unfold.

A 4 pt series.

Awaken your senses. Embody your bliss.
Join us Tuesdays @ Karma House 4-6pm
For a deep dive into your sensuality.
150K per class or 500K for the series


What Is Embodiment & WHY it Matters?

We were born into this physical dimension with a physical vessel which enshrines our soul, yet with the pace of the modern world, many of us are born into our bodies without fully understanding how to connect to it.

Embodiment is KEY to helping us understand ourselves at the deepest level. Embodiment is about understanding not only the signs, signals and messages of our own bodies, but also tuning into layers deeper of our energetic and subtle bodies as well as being able to read and understand others bodies.

When you are able to understand yourself beyond your mind and through the body, you unlock a language that is unlike any other.



What is the difference between sensuality and sexuality?
How can we feel safe in expression our sensuality without feeling as though others may mistake it as an invitation?

How can we learn to read the body languages of others so that we can FEEL the messages they are sending and create confidence in how we reach out and connect to others?

In this workshop we will dive into embodiment practices that help us all understand and dive deeper into our sensuality. Taking you on a journey into the subtle realms of your energy, sensuality and exploring the topics of Masculine and Feminine and how they show up in our embodies experience.



Finding a felt sense about our Full YES’s and NO’s it’s a must to have in our toolkit for conscious interactions. Relating paradigms are shifting, the way we connect with each other and an expanding awareness of the importance and potency of acting from a space of inner wisdom, authenticity, trust and truth in Living, Loving and Being.

How does my “yes” feel? How does my “no” feel? How can I honor my system and share my truth with confidence welcoming all my parts? How can I be clearer and understand the dynamics at play in any interaction I’m having? How can I become aware of what I want to experience and/or need and ask for it? Having a self-realized transmission that answer these questions are essential for experiencing a mature and wholesome expression of our eroticism, sensuality, and sexuality.

During this evening you will experience embodied practices that will enable you to create consensual playgrounds in where to explore our social animal nature, your desires and meet your needs of intimacy and connection having fun and heaps of pleasure along the way.



One of the greatest gifts you could ever give someone is your PRESENCE. Men love it, women love it and it presence is essential to what makes any connection strong, deep and passionate.

In a world of distractions, and a world where we live in our minds it can be easy to get distracted. In this workshop we will create a space where you will experience presence like never before.

You will get to experience the power that lies in both receiving and giving presence.

If you want to make every connection (including the ones in bed 😉 deeper, more expansive and passionate. Be sure not to miss this section of the Embodied Eros series.



The crutch of self-empowerment, people abuse the power of their sexuality in order to control. Learning to experience love, compassion and acceptance around our bodies. We can embrace our sensuality and feel safe and present during our sexual exploration. We become open to deep pleasure without shame or guilt. We learn to communicate our sexual needs and desires and feel intimately and connected to our partners.
We learn to look to our body for information when things get scary or uncertain, instead of disassociating or running away. Our bodies are a huge source of information we can learn to honor and listen to.

Come learn some tools to reflect upon your own growth, both from sexuality to spirituality we merge realities.


We invite you into this four part series, come learn about yourself, explore and have fun.


5. November
16:00 - 18:00
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No.8 Jalan Penestanan
Kecamatan Ubud, Bali 80571 Indonesia

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