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Transformation Retreat Bali – Uncover Your Purpose

11. November @ 14:00 - 16. November @ 12:00

Are you looking for a total transformation breakthrough?

Maybe you dont know what youre looking for yet but you know something needs to change or shift?

You’ve experienced some changes already…whether monumental or minor. Sooner or later we come to that age old question…and it sounds like…”What am I doing here”? “Whats my purpose in life?” “Am I on the right path?” or something along those lines. Its natural to question.

All humans love to EXPLORE –  EXPERIENCE – EVOLVE.

That is our INTENTION for you on this retreat!

Our comittment is that if you invest a week of your time with us in magical Ubud, Bali we will hand you a new version of you that you will LOVE! 

This retreat will take you through the 7 pillars to TRANSFORM YOUR ENERGY to UNCOVER YOUR PURPOSE making the breakthrough for yourself that will impact your career and relationships and be long lasting!

This is a total energy RESET!


  • Clarity on your purpose – from here everything else flows

  • Letting go of old limiting beliefs, hurts and behaviours

  • Tools for manifesting what you truly desire in life 

  • Physcial Tranformation of your ENERGY systems in the body

  • Improved energy and that ‘x’ ATTRACTION factor upgrade

  • Improved sense of physical emotional and mental well being

  • Kick addictive habits to the curb – for good!

  • Mindset tools and strategies to improve your life game plan & Relationships

  • Connection support and so much love to access

  • Release of physical and emotional pain

  • Strategies to deal with improving all relationships in your life self-partner-family-business

  • Cultural and Spiritual experiences & fun memories to last a lifetime 

  • ***scroll down to see the massive value packed inclusions…***

Linda has consulted with over 1000 clients as a therapist to impact people in a profound and moving way energetically, physcially, emotinonally and spiritually. She has been an entrepreneur for many years and has won two recent business awards including Spirt of Australia in 2018. She has been nominated for a Telstra Womens Award recently and is soulfully driven to support others to rediscover their gift, inner beauty and greatness through her mentoring and personal coaching practice. Linda is an experienced retreat facilitator and healer for the past twenty years. She is a mother to four and holds space with a great deal of compassion and conviction. 

Sarah has been impacting nearly 100 clients with Rapid Transformation Therapy which is a deeper form of hypnosis. Sarah has worked in corporate London and Dubai as a corporate banker before finding her passion as a coach and therapist. She found after growing a family and moving through relationship changes, moving to Bali and then NZ that some tools and skills were needed to cope and thats where she discovred Marissa Peers coaching and Rapid Transformation Therapy ( RTT) . Sarah emabarked and other training and she has never looked back. Her client based results speak for themselves!

Linda & Sarah met while both facilitting at a large global coroporate event in Jimbaren Bali  and followed with a retreat in Bali . They became instant friends and co-conspirators in universal matters! This was obviously because of their total coolness! Also that they were strong women who has faced massive life challenges and upheavals  which resulted in them finding inner resources to rebuild their lives using all the tools they use with their clients and are passionate about seeing the rise in other women and entrepreneurs to spread the message of love, connection, freedom and internal power & resilience !

Sarah and Linda  began collaborating professionally and personally and it just works…the date of  availabiltiy and their first choice of retreat venue happened to line up at 11:11 date. If you believe in synchronicities of the universe this was very significant for us as a sign that things were lining up for the best possible outcome. 

If you are drawn to this for any reason I invite you to please book in an intake call with us which will see if you are the right fit for the program and if you we are the best facilitators for you 🙂 

If you are 100% ready to go we invite you to book your deposit now and secure your place as places are EXTREMELY LIMITED  in our intimate program designed to bring out your maximum best in all ways. 

This is an exclusive retreat package that includes:-

  • 7 group coaching sessions with Linda which are relaxed but will take you through the 7 pillars of tapping into your own inner healer and visionary and discovering your truth & purpose with so much clarity.

  • 3 1:1 sessions with RTT therapist Sarah who has the ability to basically hand you the magic wand to make changes instantly in your subconcious mind in order to achieve your desired goals and dreams.

  • 1 x 1:1 healing session with Linda to release pain & trauma in the body and align your emotional and physcial health to its optimum 

  • Sound Healing with a world renowned sound therapist Shervin Boolorian which can only be described as an experience that you must encounter in order to describe the spiritual connection and transcendence you will feel.

  • Visit to the infamous Pyramids of Chi where you will have the opportunity to experience  gong sound baths and meditation experiences.

  • Visit a holy sacred water temple where you will go through an initiation by a high priest and a beautiful waterfall cleansing and purifying ceremony to bring peace and lightness to your spirit.

  • Daily meditations and mantras included

  • Yoga classes for strength flexibily movement and “union” of body mind and spirit

  • Two massage and spa sessions included and more available on site at your own discernement

  • Plant based high quality organic juices and all beautiful healthy meals included and prepared especially for our retreat package designed to nurture you while detoxing and improving your health. 

  • One day juice fast at the start in line with our “Letting Go” pillar of transformation on refining your health and aligning your gut-mind connection. 

  • Morning Trek through picturesque local rice fields past famous sacred monument on the holy river that Ubud was founded on (meaning “place of medicine” ) You will experience along the way local Balinese village life and stop for a healthy local refreshments with a view. 

  • Afternoon downtime each day to laze by the pool and enjoy the magestic resort surrounds

  • Luxurious private or shared room available with beautiful bathrooms and private balconys looking out over the pool and gardens

  • Creative play with art therapy and flower mandalas 

  • Luxury flower bath and special gifts in your room

  • Celebration Dinner on the last night 

  • Get access to our closed Facebook Transfromation RESET group. 

  • Transportation to and from the event (Denpasar airport or local hotel)

  • Support avaialble after the Retreat ends on your journey to your next steps. 

As you can see this is not your average retreat! We have you supported every step of the way.

Our goal is that you will leave with a new lease on life feeling totally reset and ready to start a new chapter in your life with renewed positivity. Your inner power will be highly charged for everything life has to offer.

Your energy will be high vibe and your health will be buzzing with our physcially spiritually and mentally. 

The extra benefit that you will get is the beautiuful connections made on retreats become your new ‘retreat family’. 

Just like Sarah and Linda and so many others that have expereinced the retreat programs.

Video testimonials are available for you to view just ask for a link.

We are also available for support after this one week journey ends. 

What are you waiting for? The time is NOW

Book a call sms LINDA +61 43 880 0967

Book a call sms SARAH +64 29 123 4448


Starting at only $2490US this is such incredible value for all the inclusions abolve.

There is only one difference between people who have the life they truly want and those who dont and that is simply “BELIEF”. We can show you how. SMS us to book in a call and looking forward to chat. 


11. November @ 14:00
16. November @ 12:00
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Honoi Resort
Ubud, Bali Indonesia


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