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Women’s Nude Yoga Journey – Awaken the Shakti fire

13. November @ 18:30 - 21:30

The women’s nude yoga journey is a workshop in which we explore what it feels like to shed all our layers.

Date: 13-11

Early bird price (until 06-11): 250k

* Use promo code EARLYBIRD when selecting a ticket

Regular price (after 06-11): 350k

* You need to buy a ticket online to register and reserve your spot as there are only 10 spots available plus I am preparing the space in advance to create a safe and intimate setting. After registering you will receive an email with practical information.

Tickets are non-refundable.

Location: Karma House Tattoos Bali

Time: 18.30-21.30

You are welcome at the space at 18.30 and we start the journey at 18.45. We finish the journey at around 21.15 after which there is time for tea and snacks, chatting, cuddles and photos for those that like.

About the Journey

‘May we all truly experience what it is to love and accept ourselves in this life time.’ This message is the very core of the women’s nude yoga journey, which is centered around love, acceptance and freedom.

The women’s nude yoga journey goes way beyond a ‘normal’ naked yoga class. It is a workshop in which we explore what it feels like to shed all our layers. Not only clothes, but also all the other masks and walls we put on/up in our everyday lives. It is all about getting to know your body and mind, about loving and accepting them and about discovering what freedom feels like. It will be a practice of surrender, vulnerability and courage, letting go and softening of insecurities, shame, and identities, and empowering and honoring your feminine energy and the beautiful body that you are in.

In this three-hour journey we will come together as women to share, breath and move together and every part of you is welcome. We will adventure on a journey of self-love, acceptance and freedom. The workshop includes a meditation, sharing circle, yoga & movement practice, ritual and some delicious tea and snacks at the end. And yes, we will do this naked.

*It takes courage to register and buy a ticket for an event like this as we are not only physically dropping layers but also emotionally and mentally, something our system (mind and ego) is not the biggest fan off. As soon as you buy a ticket energy already starts to shift and so know that it is normal that you start feeling any sort of resistance to actually also show up to this event.

What did women say about the journey…

‘At the beginning of the workshop I got triggered by the part of me that still doesn’t feel good enough about herself, which came up during the meditation while we weren’t even naked yet. But the moment that we were asked to take off our kimono’s and we started the yoga practice, I felt so much respect from the group. It felt very safe and I was able to relax, being naked suddenly wasn’t an issue anymore at all. After the yoga practice we sat down and talked as if it was the most normal thing in the world. We even took photos, something I never expected to take part in. But in that moment I felt so amazing that I wanted to capture it. The workshop was magical and I felt so beautiful and powerful and even days after I noticed that I am looking at myself with more self-love and I even feel more sensual. Thank you Dieke for this gift!’ – Wendy’

I recommend the Nude Yoga Journey by Dieke to experience what it feels like to practice yoga without labels. It is an amazing experience, because Dieke professionally guides and leads the journey. She started with a long grounding exercise during which I could keep my kimono on (this was the case for the whole journey actually, if it didn’t feel right to take of the kimono). For me this felt very nice. Dieke creates a good atmosphere and radiates a nice energy, so I dared to free myself of all these labels. After the Nude Yoga Journey I felt really free and kept this great feeling in the days after. I doubted joining the workshop as I wasn’t sure if it would add anything to my yoga practice, to practice nude, but I definitely do not regret taking part and had a beautiful experience with Dieke.’ – Charlotte

For more testimonials and photo impressions, visit my website: http://www.freedomseekster.com

What to expect?

• A meditation practice

• Breath, sound and movement exercises

• A gentle yoga practice (available for beginners)

• Sharing circle

• Tea and snacks

• Nudity & only women

• A beautiful safe space where you can be completely authentic

Frequently asked questions

Are we fully naked?

Yes. However, we don’t start fully naked and you decide yourself when to get naked. You will be able to get changed at the studio, undo yourself of any clothes and underwear and put on a sarong, kimono or bathrobe. We will not start off with the yoga practice straight away and therefore there is time to get comfortable in the space before you take off the sarong, kimono or bathrobe.

Why are we naked?

We are naked to get this experience of absolute freedom. By removing these layers of clothes, it becomes easier to shed other identities and masks too. We step into our vulnerability and out of our comfort zone, which already takes a lot of courage and opens up the road to fully love and accept ourselves and the moment we are in.

What if I am new to yoga?

Not a problem. It is a gentle yoga practice suited also for people who have no experience with yoga. The idea is to just be curious about your body and mind.

What if I am menstruating?

Again, not a problem. We are all females and know what that is like. You can wear a tampon or menstruation cup and maybe bring a darker colored towel. It is also an option to wear underwear and a pad. Your choice, no judgement here. I am all about embracing your cycle so definitely encourage you to still come along.

Who am I?

My name is Dieke and I consider myself a freedom seekster; someone who is committed to discovering what makes their soul go wild from excitement, someone who dares to walk their own path, someone who embrace their uniqueness and wants to become their most authentic, sexy, and weirdly unique self.

Yoga provides me with the strength and power to chase this believe and has been one of my biggest passions for many years. I decided to start teaching yoga to inspire other and give people this feeling of freedom that I feel when I practice myself. Besides that I have a background in innovation management and am really interested in topic like creativity, habits, change, and transformation. Some other random things about me: I love wearing heels, I am a big Harry Potter nerd and I absolutely loveeee ecstatic dance.

I started practicing yoga naked myself as I got inspired by nudeyogagirl on Instragram. Practicing yoga naked makes me feel alive, free and sensual, while it also confronts me with parts of myself that need some more love and acceptance. For me, it is a powerful practice to love and accept my body and mind more. It makes me fully come back to myself and experience this magical feeling of complete freedom. In our society nowadays there is so much shame around our bodies, our mind and just in general about being yourself. I hope we may all truly experience what it is to love and accept ourselves in this life time and that is why I decided to set up the women’s nude yoga journey.

Any questions?

Feel free to send me a dm or email to [email protected]


No.8 Jalan Penestanan
Kecamatan Ubud, Bali 80571 Indonesia

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