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August and September is high season. If possible please book a few days in advance.

This page is for bookings for speedboat tickets from Bali to Nusa Lembongan or vice versa.

Our partners offer daily speedboats from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan. Depending on your pick-up address it might take around 40 minutes to get to the harbour in Sanur. The speedboat from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan takes about 30 Minutes

See also other fast boat tickets to Gili Island and Lombok.

Departure and Pick up times


Departure Speedboat

Harbour SanurHarbour Nusa Lembongang
8.30 am9.30 am
11.00 am13.00 am
15.00 pm 16.30 pm


Pick up

AreaTrip 1Trip 2Trip 3Surcharge
Nusa Dua 6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am
Kuta6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am
Kerobokan6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am /car/way
Umalas6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am /car/way
Seminyak6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am
Denpasar6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am
Jimbaran6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am
Jimbaran (after Mc. Donalds)6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am /car/way
Ubud (Zentrum)6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am
Canggu6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am /car/way
Uluwatu6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am /car/way
Padang Padang6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am /car/way
Payangan6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am /car/way
Tegallalang6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am /car/way
Batuan6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am /car/way
Laplapan6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am /car/way
Sanur6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am
Legian6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am
Airport6.30 am9.00 am13.00 am


Departure Speedboat

Harbour SanurHarbour Nusa Lembongan
9.30 am11.30 am
13.30 pm16.30 pm


Pick up

Nusa Dua7.30 am11.30 am
Kuta7.30 am11.30 am
Kerobokan7.30 am11.30 am
Umalas7.30 am11.30 am
Seminyak7.30 am11.30 am
Denpasar7.30 am11.30 amPlease inquire
Jimbaran7.30 am11.30 am
Jimbaran (after Mc. Donalds)7.30 am11.30 amPlease inquire
Ubud (Centre)7.30 am11.30 am
Ubud (outskirt)7.30 am11.30 am/car/way
Canggu7.30 am11.30 am/car/way
Uluwatu7.30 am11.30 am/car/way
Padang Padang7.30 am11.30 am/car/way
Penestanan7.30 am11.30 am
Tegalalang7.30 am11.30 am
Pecatu7.30 am11.30 am
Laplapan7.30 am11.30 amPlease inquire
Sanur7.30 am11.30 am
Legian7.30 am11.30 am
Airport7.30 am11.30 am


Departure Speedboat

Harbour SanurHarbour Nusa Lembongan
9.15 am11.15 am
13.15 pm16.00 pm


Pick up

Nusa Dua7.15 am11.15 am
Kuta7.15 am11.15 am
Kerobokan7.15 am11.15 am/car/way
Umalas7.15 am11.15 am/car/way
Seminyak7.15 am11.15 am
Denpasar7.15 am11.15 am/car/way
Jimbaran7.15 am11.15 am
Ubud (centre)7.15 am11.15 am/car/way
Canggu7.15 am11.15 am/car/way
Uluwatu7.15 am11.15 am/car/way
Padang Padang7.15 am11.15 am/car/way
Sanur7.15 am11.15 am
Legian7.15 am11.15 am/car/way
Airport7.15 am11.15 am


  Publish Rate Our Rate Saving
One Way  / person  / person 28%
Return  / person  / person 28%

What's included?

  • Insurance

Payment options

Cash payment




Glory fastboat



T : +62 811 399964

A premium boat transfer company operating between Sanur beach and Nusa Lembongan Island in sunny Bali, Indonesia.

Enjoy plush seating and panoramic views aboard the brand new Glory Express II

Express has a top speed of 30 knots which will ensure a fast and comfortable boat ride to Nusa Lembongan Island in under 24 minutes.

Our friendly staff will help you board the Glory Express with ease and aim to provide the highest level of Indonesian hospitality.


Sanur Express



T : +62 81 999602879

Sanur Express is a professionals fast boat transfer between Sanur (Bali) and Lembongan Island. At Sanur Express we are committed to customer service, passenger safety, comfort and reliability. Our team is fully qualified in boat operations and maintenance with necessary local knowledge to provide passengers with a pleasurable boating experience




T : +620812.3789.7866





From Nusa Dua to Nusa Lembongan: We booked Nusa Dua to Nusa Lembongan. Everything worked very well! Thanks a lot for this...
Great transfer and good price-performance: The transfer was organised well. We were picked up at our hotel, taken to the harbour and on the island also straight to the hotel. Also the way back and transfer to another hotel in Nusa Dua was included. Indeed we had to wait a little bit for our taxi, but thats normal for the island :-) we can recommend this service
Perfect :): The pick-up, the transfer to Lembongan and to the hotel there worked out wonderful. In the end we were even picked up from our hotel for the return trip :) The booking also went great. We're very satisfied!
Speedboat to Nusa Lembongan: We were very satisfied. Everything worked out great. That's why we're giving the highest grade.
Everything was great: The booking is super easy and will be immediately confirmed by Email. It's great that you can book totally spontaneous and everything works without problems. We were picked up from our villa and brought back without problems.
Smooth trip (return) to Nusa Lembongan: punctual and good pick up, speedboat in good shape, everything worked smoothly, highly recommended
Speedboat booking Sanur-Lembongan return: During my recent trip to Bali I used the services of this site and everything worked usually very well. With the speedboat booking and handling I was only mildly satisfied. I had chosen to book from this site because of the indicated departure time. The booking confirmation showed a 30 minute delay to the original departure time and the operator G- Force's site showed another 30 minute delay. If I had known of this 1-hour difference, at least I wouldn't have booked the return trip. After a short discussion with the operator G-Force (who then probably had contact with Riki or Chris), I was able to cancel my return trip booking (which I then booked myself with an optimal departure time but for a much more expensive price). Basically I can really recommend this site - however, one should be able to rely on the specified departure times when booking, as these are often crucial for further transfers and especially return flights.
Perfectly organized: Just wanted to say thank you for existing and that everything went so great. You are easily reachable for answers by Whatsapp or email even on short notice and you always answer quickly. The island in itself was simply a dream. Thank you very much.
Speedboat-Tickets Nusa Lembongan: I have traveled with my boyfriend from Jimbaran to Nusa Lembongan in the beginning of August. Everything worked smoothly. We were taken to Sanur in time and after a short wait we took off to Nusa Lembongan with the speedboat. The luggage was transported and stowed well and the crossing was pleasant, despite the slightly rough sea. Very good value!!
It wasn't just the speedboat booking that functioned perfectly…: We booked a transfer from Ubud to Nusa Lembongan and everything worked perfectly. Not only was the organization great, but the price was also significantly lower than with other providers. All questions were promptly answered by Riki, it doesn't get any easier. We also booked the Batur volcano hiking trip --> which also worked well. 100 % recommendation.
Speedboat to Nusa Lembongan: 100% recommended. It was all very well-organized. Punctual pick-up at the hotel by a very friendly driver, perfect handling at the harbour and also the return transfer and drop-off worked out fine.
Awesome: Pick-up worked out great. The speedboat was on time and the crew were easygoing. The crew was also flexible and helpful, so that we were able to change the time of our return. The drop-off worked out great as well. Everything was easy and wonderful!
Speedboat to Nusa Lembongan: Everything worked out great, would definitely recommend
Everything was great!: Booked via internet, everything went smoothly. Typical Balinese pick-up, who was already 15 minutes early in front of my hotel, and the price was 400k for return trip which is very cheap compared to other offers
Recommended: The boat was a bit late on the way to Nusa Lembongan. The transfer from airport to the boat and onwards to Nusa lembongan went smoothly. It should be noted, that at the two harbours (Sanur and Nusa Lembongan) there are no planks to the boat so you could get your feet and trouser legs wet. The price including pick-up and drop-off was appropriate.
A bit chaotic but good: There"s not really anything to complain. It was unfortunately a bit messy and not quite organized, as in the end it seemed that they had forgotten our places. The boat was completely full and we had to sit on the roof. Otherwise great.
Speedboat to Nusa Lembongan: Good price. We were brought to our hotel in Lembongan and later on back to Sanur problem-free. Super friendly, helpful staff! The only drawback was that the driver had problems finding our villa upon pick-up, even though we had sent the location and tried to explain it over the phone several times. Otherwise great! good, G-Force not that good: The organisation by was great as always 😄 therefore I will always book through you! G-Force, the speedboat provider was not as good as usual this time. The speedboat was not working properly and that was obvious right from the beginning. Anyway we drove off and that didn't worked out well.


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Best price without bargaining. Despite high discounts you don't need to compromise on service.


Support by email, chat, WhatsApp and phone. Very customer friendly refunding policy in case of cancellation.


More than 5 years experience and thousands of satisfied customers that left hundreds of verified reviews.


Handpicked providers with long-standing partnership makes sure that everything runs smoothly.