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You get picked up at 2 am in the morning from your hotel or other accommodation. After about 2 hours of driving to Mount Batur the Trekking begins at 4 am. It takes about 1 hour 10 minutes until 1 1/2 hours to reach the peak.

The short trek: way up, have a look at the first crater, way down
The medium trek: way up, have a look at another crater on the way down
The long trek: way up, visit all three craters on the way down

We usually recommend to choose the short trek first and decide when you are on top if you want to extend your trek. All prices are fix since they are regulated by Balinese government. You are not allowed to do the trekking without a guide.

Time schedule

  • 2 am: pick up
  • 4.00 am – 4.30 am. Arrival at Mount Batur
  • 4.00 am: Trekking to the peak
  • 5.30 am: Arrival at the peak
  • 6.00 am: Watching the sunrise at the summit of the volcano
  • After that you will have a look at the active crater
  • 7.30 am: Way down. You may want to stay longer. It is up to you how long you want to stay but it is getting more hot later on.
  • 9.00 am: Arrival at the foot of the mountain and drive back to hotel/accommodation (about 3-4 hours because there is more traffic at the streets now)
  • 1.00 pm:  You are back to your hotel
  • At this point the driver serviced you for 10-11 hours. He will be very happy if you tip him

What to bring

  • Camera
  • Solid shoes
  • T-Shirt to change
  • Rain coat/Windcheater
  • Sweater
  • Flashlight (the guide has only one flashlight. You may want to install a flashlight app on your smartphone)
  • Breakfast (Tip: We recommend to bring your own breakfast since the breakfast which is provided at a charge of is not sufficient and way too expensive. You better stop at a 24 hours supermarket on the way and get some food


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Payment options

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The trekking is regulated and controlled by Bali's government. Therefore they will provide you an experienced guide from the Mount Batur area. We will provide you the transport to make sure you are in good hands.


GREAT!: We were picked up by our driver right on the dot, and got a super lovely guide on site. The ascent took 2 hours and was more strenuous than expected. The sunrise was breathtakingly beautiful and made up for all the efforts.
Well-organized, everything worked, a great experience!: We booked on Friday afternoon for Saturday night, which was very short notice, but everything worked out. The driver was punctual to the dot, the guide very friendly and spoke good english. I can only recommend.
A must-do: Well organized, punctual pick-up and good guides on the mountain. You shouldn't underestimate the difficulty but it is doable. Once you reach the top the reward is worth the effort: You'll have great views, and see small active craters and troops of monkeys. You will have a great time.
Exercise in the morning - fantastic views: The Batur volcano tour. I can agree with almost all of the reviews. It is definitely a must!!! The trek shouldn't be underestimated though. I had imagined the trek being something lighter and at the same time I would've described our group as young and "somewhat sporty". First we ran 1 kilometer through a path surrounded by cherry tomato, pepperoni and onion plantation. Then we did 3 kilometers of hiking up the volcano. Here as well, I can say.. the way down left us kind of shocked because of the view, we told each other several times: "We seriously walked up here??". It cannot be described as walking. More like climbing from one stone to the next and later on from stone to ashes. But I don't want to discourage anyone, it really is doable with sufficient breaks. Tips: - Don't wear light-coloured shoes or socks. During the descent we were ankle-deep in ash. Shoes and socks full of ash. Clothes: - It's unexpectedly cold at Batur. That's why long pants are a good idea (also beacuse of stones and mosquitoes) and a warm sweater. ATTENTION here! bring everything in doubles. We arrived at the top soaking wet and only had one spare T-shirt. You need to get out of the wet clothes!! We were freezing until sunrise. - A cushion to sit on would've also been helpful. - It's best to take breakfast things with you. We were offered hot cocoa, tee, coffee and instant noodles at the top but we had to pay 30 000 rupiah per cup. - At the peak there are dogs. We would've liked to have some food to fed them. - There are also monkeys there, so you don't need to visit Monkey Forest. Just bring some bananas with you and be careful. Our guide Nyomen Teka was great! He was super helpful during the hike up and so nice and friendly. He took photos of us everywhere and brought us things and and and... :) View: No words :) It was something really beautiful and memorable, an experience like no other. Transfer and booking: Despite booking only the day before everything worked out great. Price-performance ratio is the best you could possibly get. All thumbs up :)
A very beautiful experience: Pick-up at 2am went smoothly even though we had changed hotels on short notice. The driver took us to the guide who led our way up the volcano and helped in difficult parts on the way. At sunrise you can see a wonderful panorama.
Everything was great: The execution was good: We were picked up, the guides were nice etc. Unfortunately we had bad luck. It was so foggy that we couldn't really see anything - neither the sun nor the crater. Unfortunately I had time to only climb Mount Batur once. Otherwise I would've done it again, just to see how the view is. Still a beautiful tour with nice companions.
A Bali must-do: Totally worth it! If you are lucky you get a really unique view. The climb is strenuous, but not too big of an obstacle for anyone with some athletic qualities. There will be short breaks. On the top it is surprisingly cold, so bring warm clothes. After the descent, bathing in the hot springs is a good idea. This is an all-around cool trip, a not-to-be-missed Bali activity...
A great experience!: We were picked up on time at 2 o'clock in the morning. Our guide was very nice, even though he didn't know a lot of English. Climbing the volcano is exhausting. But you can always have a break to have a sip of water or sit down. At the top you'll have a really nice view of the sunrise. Unfortunately we had bad luck and it was very cloudy that day. Nevertheless it was truly worth it. The execution of the tour went smoothly. At 10am we were already back at the hotel in Canggu. Our tip: Wear long pants and one (or two) very thick sweaters/blankets/jackets while climbing. As we were waiting for the sunset we felt already frozen despite our warm clothing!
Breathtaking view: The view from volcano Batur is indescribable! This sunset is breathtaking. Actually we were lucky and had a clear view to Volcano Rinjani in Lombok! At the montain there are inquiring wild monkeys, sadly we forgot about to bring peanuts... This is the way to kill two birds with one stone, just forget the Monkey Forest!
A must-do :): Ascending Mount Batur was definitely a worthy experience! The hike up is not equally pleasant for everyone, but that was not a problem as we had 3 guides who adjusted to all speeds and we made it to the top safely whether fast or not, and were able to enjoy the beautiful sunrise! The pick-up and drop-off service were also great! Especially as everything happened on time, which is not common in Bali :D It was also not a problem for the driver to drop us off in Ubud, which was very convenient for us. I would recommend everyone who wants to climb a volcano for the first time to book through this website, if you'd like to do another tour then I bet you could already do the hike on your own.
Trekking Tour Batur & Sightseeing Tour: Worked out very well and the driver was very nice too. Anytime again :)
Volcano Trekking:: Very simple booking and a fast response. The guides were super friendly and very helpful. Don’t forget your sturdy shoes, do not wear flip-flops like some others! The guides and the driver are happy about a small tip, which they definitely earned for their effort. The ascent was definitely worth it, unfortunately it was very tight time-wise since many other people were on their way upwards as well.
Great organization: Everything went great. We were picked up on time. At 3am before the hike we had a free, small breakfast. You have 1 guide for every 4 people, who takes good care of everyone. The ascent is really exhausting but the view from the top is worth all the effort. At the top, before the sunrise, we still got something to eat, which was not very tasty but ok. All in all it was a very successful morning. Bear in mind, that it is cold on the mountain before the sunrise, so warm clothes shouldn't be forgotten. After sunrise and uphill climb, long pants and a sweater, or rather a T-shirt as well as sturdy shoes are recommended.
Great!!! Planned on short-term and well-organized!!!!: Super friendly and very simple processing. Booked online at 8pm on Monday and made the tour on Tuesday. I would recommend taking a change of clothes or simply warm things with you, it is very shady out there !!! The great views and a herd of monkeys are worth the journey.
Wow: Above all, the tour guide was really good! Despite the crowds on the mountain, he managed to show us a quiet and sheltered place to enjoy watching the sunrise! He also always provided us with interesting additional information!
It's worth it!: Everything worked great with the pick-up. It was quite cold at the car park but during the ascent you'll start feeling warm. The starry sky was the most beautiful thing. We even saw shooting stars. It was very cold at the peak. I would recommend bringing a spare set of clothes to change into. I wish a lot of fun for everyone who still has this experience ahead of them!
It's worth it!: Although Mount Batur is a touristy place in Bali, you should not miss the sunrise and the beautiful views.
Was incredibly beautiful...: The tour to Mount Batur was very strenuous but worth the effort! The climb up happens in the middle of the night, otherwise someone (me included) would turn around and back down. Our guide was great, pick-up worked out well and our bonus requests were fulfilled! All-around recommended...
Breathtaking: Although the climb is quite tiring for the unfit, it's worth the effort anyways. The view from the top is unbeatable. Our guide knew his stuff, was friendly, led us safely to the top and cooked us breakfast there.
A beautiful tour but too many tourists: Great driver, problem-free pick up and booking, great views but an absolute tourist overkill. About 500 tourists with their flashlights, all in their own small groups, running one after the other up the mountain. I knew beforehand that I wouldn't be the only one there, but that was already a bit too much.
So amazingly beautiful: A bit exhausting for the unfit but the view from the top is rewarding enough. Dress warm! Pick-up service and guide were easy and reliable.


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