Jet Ski

An all time favourite in the world of marine sports, there’s nothing to compare to the fun of these machines. Will you be daring enough to jump the wakes, or will you instead be a speed freak with your adrenaline flowing as you go whizzing across the water?

In accordance with Bali’s Water Sport safety regulations you must be accompanied by an instructor, who will pilot the jet ski to a safe area for you to jump into the drivers seat and take the jet ski for a spin.

One ride is about 15 minutes. You may want to extend to 30 minutes.

What to bring:

  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Water

Attention: Wibisana informed us that local street guides in Nusa Dua may try to pursue you to follow them for your water sports booking. Please make sure that you are with Wibisana.


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  • Minimum for booking: 2 people
  • Price does not include transport

What´s included?

  • Live jacket
  • instructor for your safety

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Wibisana Water Sports BaliWibisana
Jalan Pratama, Margi Pemuunan
Tanjung Benoa, Bali


Wibisana Marine Adventures is a family owned and operated business, started by Made Suryana in 2005 with just a small speed boat and 1 flying fish inflatable servicing the business of the many Water Sports companies in Tanjung Benoa Bali. Both Made and his brother, have over 18 years in the Water Sports business, and between them have an accumulated a wealth of experience in running Water Sport organisations to serve international tourism. Of equal importance as local balinese marine sport professionals with family roots in Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Lembongan, is their intimate knowledge of the local marine environment, which is essential to maintaining a sustainable marine adventure business alongside their excellent safety record established by Wibisana during its’ first 5 years of operations Over the years they have come to appreciate that the future success of Wibisana Marine Adventures and that of their local marine environment go hand-in-hand. So with that in mind, Wibisana has actively engaged in a number of ecological conservation initiatives to ensure that our business model is one of sustainable development for the generations who follow. We were particularly pleased to have received acknowledgement from the Head of the Forestry Department in Bali, for our participation in the “Bali Clean and Green” program for our Mangrove Forest initiative involving the clearing of rubbish (particularly plastic waste), planting of seedlings and ongoing marine environment conservation efforts. In order to fund these conservation activities, Wibisana has developed a business model which reserves US$1 per person per activity to avoid issues which can arise if the activities were solely dependant on donations. Currently Wibisana is fairly unique in taking this particular approach, whereby we are truly involved and committed to providing EcoTourism services rather than ‘Nature Tourism’, each of our adventures has a focus on providing information and education not only for our visitors, but also for our local community. We hope this approach will quickly jump-start a trend within our industry, which competitors are going to want follow, as the resulting positive contributions to the marine environment will ultimately benefit us all.


Fantastic time: My first time on a jet ski, was quite unsure what to expect, fortunately I was not just tossed the keys and told to get on with it, an instructor was on the back of the jet ski, at first I thought it would dampen the experience, but it was necessary to have somebody experienced to navigate away from the congested beach area. Once in the open water full control was handed to me and the fun began, I was unaware jet skis were as fast as they were, I wimped out when the speedometer hit 50 mph. I am not sure how long I was on the jet ski for, but it felt like forever. Will definitely do again.
Was a lot of fun...: We were sitting together enjoying our breakfast together like every Sunday when we had the idea to go jet skiing spontaneously. We booked at study-in-bali at around 11 am for a JetSki ride at 12.30 pm and everything just worked out great! The ride takes 15 min and is real fun. The JetSkis have a real good pace and you can really run free, even when the guide sometimes throttles your ambitions. 15 min have been enough for my first time on a JetSki, it was the perfect duration to get a good impression. All in all a great experience with a lot of fun and for a really good price! Top recommendation!
Very cool: It was a lot of fun, but unfortunately it was over too fast, and alone it would have been even more fun. But otherwise great!
Biggest fun: Jet-Ski is and simply remains the most fun there is. Super friendly staff! The time was used very generously :)
Very nice: It's all very nice, but it's over fast and the guy behind has his hands on the steering the whole time. Otherwise GREAT! (and definitely worth the money)


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